With RLS you’ll be ready
to converse, discuss,
argue, and even tell
jokes, in any language.
But first we’ll need to
determine what type of
interpreting is best for
your project.

1.Simultaneous & Booth
  • Best for presentations
  • Audiences of any sizes
  • Must be used in a multi-language environment
  • The speaker is not interrupted

How it works: A sound-proof booth(s) is placed anywhere in the room or even in several rooms or a different floor. The interpreter in the booth listens to the speaker through headphones and speaks to the microphone, which transmits the translated presentation to the listeners’ headphones.

2.Simultaneous & Portable Equipment
  • Best for presentations
  • Best for audiences under 40 people
  • Can be used effectively with only one foreign language
  • The speaker is rarily interrupted

How it works: Interpreter listens to the speaker and simultaneously whispers into the microphone, which transmits to listeners’ headphones.

  • Best for negotiations and technical discussions
  • Allows for interruptions, clarifications, and interaction
  • Does not require any special equipment

How it works: The speaker stops every sentence or two to allow for interpretation.

  • RLS escort interpreters assist your guests at the airport, hotel check-ins, dinners and receptions, shopping, sightseeing, or any administrative matters.