It’s important to make sure  that "nothing gets  lost in the translation". But it is equally important that nothing gets added either.

Our translators and editors have the knowledge and experience to make sure your document translation is perfect. From grammar to layout, we produce professional work that will impress your audience as accurate and clear.

1.Editing: Getting the Technical Lingo Right

Two rounds of editing ensure not only correct grammar but consistency in style, terminology, and adherence to customer guidelines. For translation of technical material, bilingual professionals from the appropriate filed, such as law, medicine,or IT, edit your document for technical accuracy.

2.Abstracts: Is It Worth Translating?

If you are not sure whether a lengthy document is worth translating in full or need to know just the main points, RLS will create a summary to aid in your decision.

3.Desktop Publishing: It’s the Looks That Count

RLS will produce a camera-ready copy of the document for your printer or print the whole schmere... labels.. any format... The document may be provided in software of your choice.

4.Translation Accessories
    • Rental of computers and printers fully configured for Russian
    • Keyboards in foreign languages
    • Spell checkers, thesaurus and hyphenators
    • On-line dictionaries
    • Portable electronic dictionaries

Your document will be kept for five years in the event you need modifications or reprinting.